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What a week!

We have much to be grateful for this week, but we are certainly excited the week is coming to a close. Struthers was finally released from the hospital on Tuesday, and he’s continued to improve each day.  We were sent home with yet another DME (Durable Medical Equipment) order for suction. As I’ve mentioned previously, Struthers has a hard time coughing up the thick mucus, and we are desperately trying to keep it out of his lungs. So after being super excited to be home, he was thoroughly unimpressed to realize the suction followed him home. He hates it, but it’s making a huge difference, and I think it could be what keeps us out of the hospital in the future as well. Struthers looks great, no fever, and is settling back into needing his nebulizer just twice a day now. He’s enjoyed playtime with his Gramma Shell, who has been an absolute lifesaver this week.

So if that doesn’t sound like enough, Eli had a surgical shoulder repair on Wednesday. It was planned for a few weeks from now, but the surgeon had a last-minute opening that they asked us Tuesday if we wanted. So…as I’m discharging with Struthers from the hospital, Eli was at his pre-op appointment getting a sling fit. The surgery to repair a torn labrum went well, and was the result of dislocating his shoulder while skiing last winter. It’s also the first of two surgeries, as he also has a torn labrum in his hip he’s been walking around on for quite awhile. That surgery will be sometime after the arm is healed and strong enough to be on crutches for the next surgery. He’s making a fairly quick recovery, but he will be in the sling and physical therapy for weeks. Struthers is looking forward to having his Daddy be able to make him fly, zoom and dive like an airplane again!

  • Struthers is out of the hospital!
  • Eli’s surgery was a success and the timing worked out.
  • Eli’s mom was able to help us out with everything from meals to playing patty cake for hours on end during a few important meetings Cami had this week.

Prayer requests:

  • Continued healing for Eli
  • Continued healing and strength for Struthers.
  • Continued sanity for Cami 😉

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  1. Cami Bremer

    Comments imported from CaringBridge (4 comments):

    Wow, you’ve certainly had your hands full…and it sounds like that won’t stop for a while! Praying for your sanity, your strength & your health…as well as good health & healing for Struthers & Eli! Love & hugs…
    —Heather George, January 16, 2016

    Praying for the three of you
    —Rosalyn Forsyth, January 16, 2016

    Today Don and I prayed for you and Struthers as we walked around Lake Loretta. “What a week” indeed! We will add Eli to the list! Praising God for the good things! Love to you all!
    —Brenda Adams for Don also!, January 16, 2016

    Praying for all three, God bless!
    —Ann Alvis, January 15, 2016

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