How tiny breaths teach us big things


Facebook is always reminding of moments I’ve forgotten. Some good, some bad, but they all bring up some kind of emotion. On this day a year ago, I snapped a photo so that my nieces could see how small their new cousin was-the size of their beloved Bitty Babies. On this day a year ago, Struthers was over 2 months old, but he was still supposed to be inside me for another 3 weeks. And on this day, I’m overcome with the sweetness and joy and restorative peace of rocking my son to sleep at home, and having him reach up to tell me to keep singing the same songs I was probably singing him in the NICU a year ago. So blessed. IMG_3492

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  1. Cami Bremer

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    I had a vision that when Struthers got older someone wrote a song about your precious baby. I hope that happens because it would be such a happy and blessed song. You know you and all of your family are always in our thoughts and true prayers from our heart of hearts. We Love You!
    —Rick and Billie Broome and Family, January 27, 2016

    Ah, that’s so touching, true, & sweet with a very happy little guy to share.
    —Marj, January 22, 2016

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