While we were blessed to have survived and even thrived, the reality is that most babies born at Struthers’ size and gestational age will have ongoing struggles of some kind.  While we escaped other major complications such as IVH, ROP and CP, we continue to manage Struthers’ severe respiratory issues.  The resources below are some of the best I’ve come across in our 18 months of hearing “Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia” and “Chronic Lung Disease“.   It is now apparent that the scarring and loss of elasticity in Struthers’ lungs is severe, and while growth will certainly help those little alveolar sacs to develop and multiply in his early years, the effects of his early arrival will likely be long-term in terms of lung function.  Every decision we make for Struthers takes this into account, and the name of the game is to continue with the support of his lungs, whether it be with oxygen, minimizing irritants and colds, or keeping him growing during these delicate first few years so his body can produce new lung tissue.  It is our hope that this background will help you understand the course Struthers is charting and how the growth and respiratory issues interact.



The Impact of Premature Delivery on Lung Function and Development

The Respiratory Consequences of Preterm Birth